TradingMotion SDK

The automated systems development tool

TradingMotionSDK is a set of libraries and tools that allow developers to create professional algorithmic trading strategies in an easy way.

Microsoft .NET technology

TradingMotionSDK is built on top of Microsoft .NET platform, so strategies can be developed in C# and Visual Basic .NET, and is fully integrated with Visual Studio platform through a set of ready-to-go templates.

Getting started Download

Advantages. Why develop systems with TradingMotionSDK?

Install and Getting Started


You need to have Visual Studio 2010 or later. Free Community editions are fully supported.


Download the TradingMotionSDK.

For Visual Studio 2017 and 2019, download the SDK templates.


Install and get started using the Getting Started guide and the Open Source systems.


It will require you to create a user/password to use the software (for free).

Open Source systems

Strategy Description Chart Source Code (GitHub)
  • Entry: Price breaks Stochastic %D level (long-only)
  • Exit: Sets a Take Profit (objective) order based on price standard deviation
DAX 60m C# VB.Net
  • Entry: Price breaks above RSI buy level (long entry) or price breaks below RSI sell level (short entry)
  • Exit: Set a fixed Stop Loss and closes the position on a reversal signal
Mini-Russell 120m C# VB.Net
  • Entry: Price breaks ROCR100 (Momentum) level (long-only)
  • Exit: Sets a Trailing Stop
IBEX 60m C# VB.Net
  • Entry: Price breaks a Stochastic's %D long or short levels
  • Exit: Set a Trailing Stop and a Take Profit
  • Filters (sets the entry only under certain conditions):
    • Day of week
    • Session Time
    • Volatility (Range)
    • Trend strenght (ADX)
    • Underlying Trend (Exponential Moving Average)
EuroFX 30m C# VB.Net
  • Entry: Price breaks below lower Bollinger Band (short-only)
  • Exit: Sets a Take Profit (objective) order based on price standard deviation
EuroStoxx 30m C# VB.Net
  • Entry: Weighted moving average short period (secondary chart) breaks above the weighted moving average long period (main chart)
  • Exit: Set a fixed Stop Loss and a Take Profit (objective)
Bund 100m (main chart)
Bund 120m (secondary chart)
C# VB.Net

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